Where All of Your Collection and Recovery Comes Together

With Affiniti Recovery, we’ll help your team to track end-to-end collection and recovery entire funnel

Enhances productivity

Affiniti identifies facilities which needs immediate attention.

Improves collection ratio

Your recovery efforts are geared with more resources allocated for the right activity at the right time.

Makes recoveries enjoyable

Affiniti takes out the stress from you by automating monotonous work and unpleasant conversations

Reduces principal infection ratio

As the facilities with high probability to go bad and high impact are identified automatically for quick action, Affiniti helps you to maintain healthy portfolios.


Intelligagement ©

Engagement Intelligence is an algorithm powered by machine learning to enhance the productivity of the call center and recovery officers by prioritising the follow-up lists based on the past engagement behaviour of clients.  Intelligagement © enable banks to optimise resource usage and increase job satisfaction among recovery staff.

Increased efficiency

Affiniti’s inbuilt RPA engine proactively follows up all the dues in your organization. It empowers your staff to increase the efficiency, therefore reduces the process time and increase cost efficiencies.

Automated collection journey

The RPA engine generates leads and effectively assigns them to appropriate recovery officers. This saves time your employees spend on identifying manually which receivables should be followed up.

Conversational AI (CAI)

Cognitive Bot

Affiniti uses a cognitive bot that enables fully automated recovery as it has been trained to converse with clients and capture the reasons for delay in payments and Promises.


Cognitive bot driven recoveries are captured through a dunning notification email sent to client, where client is allowed to view his/ her recovery profile by clicking on a URL provided in the email body.


CAI will handover the actions to Affinit’s Intelligent RPA , which will subsequently monitored for fulfillment.

Risk Management

Age Bucket Analysis

Affiniti identifies the respective age-bucket, product, customer segment and DPD in recognizing risks associated with a facility.


It automatically triggers a Recovery Lead with all information required for collection and recovery process in case a risk is identified.

Recovery Pipeline

Affiniti offers you a comprehensive Recovery Pipeline to enable you to track the recovery progress of a facility while managing all follow-up activities via Calendar functionality.

Explore Affiniti for rewarding relationships

Intelligent Technology for end-to-end collection and recovery engagement journey of your organization.


Legal Diarizing

Affiniti offers you the facility of diarizing the legal processes related to recoveries. It has the capability of automatically escalating the recovery lead to Legal Department without any form of manual intervention.

Activity Trace

Affiniti allows capturing all activities pertaining to the legal process upon reaching NPA including Mediation Board process and subsequent Letter of Demand triggering, Case Filing and Court Proceedings.

Case Management

Affiniti can manage legal officers and third party recovery agents to keep track of all cases managed by a specific officer and also to identify all the payments made against respective officer.


Affiniti can facilitate your organization in auctioning the collateral in the recovery process.

Dunning Notification

You can configure Affiniti to manage proactive notifications. Therefore, your recovery officers are not required to manually send SMS, Emails or Letters.

Business Intelligence


Based on the unique needs of your organization, Affiniti has the capability of offering you an array of customized reports including , but are not limited to, Performing Accounts Report , Age Wise Classification Report, Branch Arrears Detail Report, Habitual Customer Report Top 50 NPA Summary Report.


Affiniti has number of widgets to configure personalised dashboards for the staff and customers

Explore Affiniti for rewarding relationships

Intelligent Technology for end-to-end collection and recovery engagement journey of your organization.